Committed to the open-source philosophy

The Odin One is an open source design, and uses open source software and hardware, making it easy to upgrade, modify, and update your machine as you like. Our machine is affordable, but does not compromise in quality and meets the mark of industry leading 3d printers.

Odin One FDM 3D Printer from Hooklet 3D
Odin One FDM 3D Printer LCD screen control
Odin One 3D Printer MK 8 Extruder

Designed with functional printing in mind. Not just another toy maker

Many of the existing 3d printers are great for making small decorative items or toys, but we wanted to design a 3D printer that could produce high quality, functional objects. Additionally, our goal was to design a machine that can print for hours without needing 'non-routine' maintenance.

Odin One 3D Printer Bed, Extruder Assembly LCD

Start printing faster out of the box.

The Odin kit is partially pre-assembled to get you printing faster than other kits on the market. Easy to assemble, this is perfect for first time 3D printer owners. Odin One kits can easily be assembled in under 2 hours. Some other 3D printer kits can take the better part of a day or more to get assembled and ready to print.

Odin One 3d printer kit

With Open-Source you're never out of date.

The self replicating 3D printer can be easily, and continuously updated. This machine is designed to last and to scale with your needs.

As supporters of open-source Hooklet 3D encourages users to share their mods with the community, to further 3D printing technology for everyone.

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