Odin One 3d Printer Kit


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Premium 3D Printer Kit from Hooklet 3D.

Build time approximately 2 hours.

Easy to understand instructions will guide you through the process of building and setting up the printer.  If you can build a simple model, you can build our 3d printer!

Please note that this is a kit to be assembled by the user, the kit includes everything you need to begin 3d printing!

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Presenting the Odin One.
A Premium 3D Printer Kit from Hooklet 3D.

The Odin One is a workhorse machine well suited to run in shops or dirty environments. It is capable of printing in very fine resolutions and producing high detail parts but it has been designed to run continuously in a low volume manufacturing application.

On average our machines run 15 hours per day 6 days a week printing Odin parts, all of our machines are printed on Odin’s so this machine has been thoroughly torture tested.

The Odin 3d printer is an Open Software/ Open Hardware 3d printer that allows users to easily print from either their personal computer (using freely available software) or directly from the built-in LCD screen. The Odin is also self replicating, this means that many of the parts on the Odin can be printed on an Odin—in fact—all of our machines are printed by our very own army of Odin One Printers. This gives users the option to easily modify their machines, repair potentially damaged machines, or build another machine with minimal additional cost.  As a matter of fact, being and Open Hardware project, if you already have a 3d printer you can make an Odin by downloading the printed parts files, gathering the parts listed in the Bill of Materials and following the build instructions.

A huge benefit to owning a self replicated machine is that it can be continuously updated, that means, if we implement a new feature or update the design, we will notify you and you can keep your 3d printer as current as you want.  Also, we will never release a new version of the Odin that cannot be built from your existing Odin.  This machine is designed to last and to scale with your needs.

If you’ve been waiting to get a 3d printer now’s the time to jump in and bring your ideas to life—if you don’t make it who will? 

Please note that this is a kit to be assembled by the user, the kit includes everything you need to begin 3d printing!

Check out the build instructions here.



The Odin One features:

  • 200x200x185mm Heated Build Surface
  • Genuine Micro Swiss All Metal Hot End
  • LCD screen for simple control
  • SD Card Reader For untethered Operation
  • Mk8 Direct Drive Extruder
  • .075mm – 3.5mm layer resolutions (tested)
  • Easily Changeable Extruder Head
  • Highly Calibrated Hardware/Firmware
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Simple Automatic Bed Leveling
  • Solid Frame Stabilized Design
  • Prints ABS, PLA, PETG, Wood, Nylon and more


Files and Documentation Links:

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 23 x 8 in
Kit Includes

View Bill of Materials for detailed list

Full 2020 Aluminum Frame Set
3d Printed Parts Kit (ABS)
Full Fastener Kit with High Quality Socket Head Bolts
High Quality NEMA 17 Motor Set
X2 Precision 8MM lead Screws
Durable Drive Belts
Optical End Stops
12v Power Supply
Printer Control Board
Graphical Control LCD w/SD Card Reader
Assembled MK8 Extruder
Attached PEI Bed Surface
Simple Tool Kit
Detailed Assembly Instructions

All materials needed to build a high quality 3d printer.

What you will need

+ 1.75mm ABS or PLA Filament
+ About 2 hours to assemble
Basic Tools:
+Screw driver set

Product Discaimer

The Odin One is a Kit intended to be assembled by the end user, we test all components prior to shipping—please contact Hooklet Support if you receive any defective parts or have any other questions. This machine comes with no warranty

In building your 3d printer you will be required to work with small parts and conduct repetitive tasks. In some cases you may decide to use dangerous tools such as cutting devices, use care when using these tools.

The Odin One uses a standard 12v power supply that plugs into a wall outlet. You will be required to conduct basic wiring tasks to make your 3d printer functional. You should have a basic understanding of electricity to assemble this kit. Remember, only conduct tasks you are comfortable with, when in doubt do the research, ask someone, or contact support. A great overview of basic electrical precautions can be found here.

Although the Odin One has been extensively tested for safety, and 3d printers in general are considered safe, the safest option is to not leave your printer unattended. This is especially true immediately following construction or after you have changed aspects of the machine that may impact the electronics.

Additional safety information can be found here. Remember to always use common sense.

Hooklet 3d and its parent company Bad Code LLC are not responsible for any injury or property damage directly or indirectly caused by the construction or operation of the Odin One 3d printer.


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