Step 2: Build the Base

You will need the following:

  • 1x – base assembly with bed
  • 1x – 2020 aluminum extrusion
  • 1x – 2020 w/control board
  • 2x – T8 Worm Gear w/coupling

Your Odin base already has M4 bolts with hammer nuts attached to the Base Side parts.  Start by taking a 2020 Aluminum Extrusion and carefully sliding it into the right Base Side part as shown.  You may need to align the Hammer nuts found inside to allow the 2020 to slide into the base.

These hammer nuts can be a bit tricky at first, however, with some practice it get’s much easier.

Hint:  The goal is to get the the hammer nut to rotate and grasp the inside rails of the 2020 aluminum extrusion.



Once you have the hammer nuts in place, insert a 2020 extrusion into the top of the base side piece. This should be done on a flat surface allowing you to insert the 2020 until it touches the surface (table) ensuring it is flush.

When you are satisfied the 2020 is seated properly you may fasten the M4 Bolts to secure the 2020.



Next locate the 2020 w/control board and repeat the process you used on the right side.  Reference the image for orientation.

Mount a worm gear to each of the NEMA Motor Shafts as shown. Do this by sliding the coupling and worm gear onto the shaft until you meet resistance. Make sure one of the set pins is aligned with the keyed notch in on the shaft (flat part) and tightening both setscrews.Note: each coupling has 2 setscrews for the NEMA Shaft.


Once you have these tightened, rotate them by turning the coupling — you should not notice any play when you do this. Also, gently pull upward on the coupling — you should not be able to pull the coupling loose.

At this point your machine should look like this.

At this point it’s a good idea to look under the base side parts to verify that your 2020 uprights are not protruding out of the bottom. The 2020 should rest flush with the bottom of the base side part

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