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A practical & functional approach

Many of the existing 3d printers are great for making small decorative items or toys, but we wanted to design a 3D printer that could produce high quality, functional objects.

Open Source Design

Easily upgrade, modify & update

Open Software

Compatible open source software

Open Hardware

No proprietary hardware used

Community Oriented

We focus on the user

About Hooklet 3D

At Hooklet 3D we believe in products and technology that make peoples lives better. Our interest in 3d printing is based on the understanding that 3d printing has something to offer everyone. Designing a machine that helps people find their ideal use is our passion. We want our users to print their world. Hooklet 3d is the hardware branch of Bad Code Studios, an Open Source development studio specializing in software development and hardware exploration and education. Hooklet 3D is an ongoing project to optimize existing 3D printing technology while improving the overall user experience.

Odin One

The Odin One was designed to be an easy to use, low-cost, option for getting started with 3d printing, however, the affordability of this machine does not indicate a lack of quality. The Odin One was designed to meet the performance mark of industry leading 3d printers. In addition to this, the Odin is designed to be a workhorse, our goal was to design a machine that could print for hours without needing “non-routine” maintenance.

Easy to Assemble

The Odin One kit is partially pre-assembled to get you printing faster than other kits on the market. Perfect for first time 3D printer owners.

RepRap Design

The self replicated machine can be easily, and continuously updated. This machine is designed to last and to scale with your needs.

Great Performance

Designed with functional printing in mind, but still capable of fine detail, the Odin One outshines other machines in the market.

Continual Improvement

Iterative is not just a marketing term. The Odin One is easy to update and upgrade.


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