Odin One Assembly

Step 1: Getting Ready

Although your Odin One 3d Printer Kit is partially assembled it’s still important to properly set up your workspace. The parts in your kit have been organized to make the process as simple as possible. Start by laying out all of your parts so they can be easily found as you build. It’s a good idea to lay your parts out in a separate space than where you are building.
Please note the Odin One is under constant development, at times the development of the machine will 'out run' that of the instructions. Don't worry, we always update any major differences in the design... Besides, a little adventure is always fun!   The most important thing here is to have fun and enjoy the experience. Good luck!  
For other tips and overviews of building 3d printer kits while you prepare — check out 3dmakernoob's Youtube channel . His information and style will continue to guide your 3d printing experience so it's worth subscribing. We will recommend other similar channels and resources as we move forward.

Step 2

Building the Base

Step 3

Building the Crossbeam

Step 4

Mounting Components

Step 5


Step 6

Initial Checks

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