Guide: Z Probe Adjustment

Guide: Z Probe Adjustment

In this guide we will go over the steps needed to attach or adjust the Z-Probe on the Odin MK1M 3d printer.

Note: Although this guide is intended to be used for the MK1M model, the steps are similar for other Odin models as well as other 3d printers.  

Note: Anytime you move the position of the probe you must also recalibrate the Z-Offset for accurate printing.  

You will need:

  • M4 Allen Key

If your firmware version is 1.1.5 or lower you will need a USB cable and the ability to send commands to your printer.

Step 1: Fan Removal

Remove your part fan by removing the two M4 Bolts holding it in place.  Notice that the lower bolt is fastened into metal threads whereas the upper bolt is threaded directly into the extruder bracket.

Step 2: Loosen Probe Retaining Bolt

Loosen the retaining bolt for the probe making sure not to apply too much pressure as this may damage the mount.  The retaining bolt is fastened into metal threads.

This will allow you to freely move the probe up and down.

If you are installing a new probe insert the probe into the mount until the end of the probe is approximately even with the tip of the nozzle to begin with.

Warning:  It is very important that the probe is not located too far above the tip of the nozzle, this will result in the hot-end crashing into the bed and not stopping while homing.  This can cause serious damage to your machine.  


Step 3: Zero the Hot-End

Temporarily secure the part fan for movement during this step.


Start by setting the Z-Offset to zero by navigating to the following path:  Control/Motion/Z-Offset 

Turn the dial until the Z-Offset value equals ‘0.00’.

Next, navigate to the Zero Print Head menu option on your LCD using the following path:  Prepare/Zero Print Head

Warning:  This will cause the printer to move!

Your printer will home itself, perform the auto bed level routine and then lower the print head to the zero position.

Zeroing the print head via USB (GCODE)

  1. ‘G28’ This homes the machine
  2. ‘G29’ The runs the auto bed level routine
  3. ‘G0 x50 y50’ This moves the print head toward the middle of the bed (alternatively you may use the jog controls of your slicer or the move axis method in the LCD Prepare/Move Axis/etc..
  4. ‘G0 Zo’ This lowers the print head to the zero position.


Step 4: Adjust Nozzle Height

If the nozzle is not touching the bed navigate to the following menu path: Prepare/Move Axis/Move Z/Move 0.1mm

Once here turn the dial on your LCD until the nozzle contacts the bed.

Note: The nozzle should barely touch the bed, if the nozzle presses into the bed surface it is set too low.  


Step 5: Adjust the Probe

Gently move the probe so that it’s not in contact with the bed and there is clearance between the bed and probe end.  The red light on the top of the probe should still be illuminated, if it’s not it needs to be lowered slightly.  

Tighten the M4 Retaining bolt on the probe mount when you are satisfied with the positioning.


Step 6: Verify Position

Issue the Zero Print Head command again using the LCD Menu.

Observe the machine while it moves to ensure the nozzle does not contact the bed.  If the nozzle contacts the bed repeat the above steps until it no longer does.  

Step 7: Wrapping up

If the positioning is correct reattach the part fan and move forward to calibrating your Z-Offset.

Note: Reattach the part fan by inserting the lower bolt first, this makes the installation easier.