Guide: Setting up Cura

Setting up Cura for your Odin MK1M


In this guide we will go over the process of downloading and configuring Cura for your Odin MK1M.  Although Cura does not currently ship with a profile for the Odin Mk1M it is a simple process to add the machine profile after installing.

Downloading Cura

To use this guide you must install Cura on your computer.  This guide uses Cura 2.7

You can download Cura here.


Simply follow the installation instructions for your operating system to complete this step.

Adding the Machine Profile

For Cura to properly communicate with your printer it needs a machine profile for the Odin MK1M, luckily we have one!  Download the following file and extract it to a location of your choice.


In this folder you will find three files, two of these files are print profiles and one is the your machine profile.


For the next step we will be focusing on the file named ‘odinmk1m.def.json’.  We need to move this file into a the definitions folder of Cura, the location of this folder will depend on what operating system you are using.


Note:  For both Windows and Mac, keep Cura closed while adding the machine profile.


On Mac

Navigate to your Applications folder and locate Cura.  Once you have done so right click on the Cura Icon and select Show Package Contents.



This will open a finder window, navigate to definitions as shown in the image below via the following path Contents/Resources/resources/definitions


Copy the odinmk1m.def.json file into the definitions folder by either dragging it into the folder or via copy/paste.  When complete your definitions folder should look like the image below.



When complete scroll down to the Initial Setup section

On Windows

Navigate to Program Files/Cura/resources/definitions as shown below


Copy the file odinmk1m.def.json into the definitions folder.

Windows will likely ask you for administrator privileges

When you have copied the file into definitions you should be able to find the odin machine profile in the folder.



Initial Setup

Start by launching Cura.

If this is the first time you have launched Cura it will ask you to add a machine, in the dialog select other and scroll to the Odin MK1M.



Once you have selected the Odin Mk1M you need to upload the print profiles (these are the other two files you downloaded)

In the upper menu select Settings/Manage Profiles



This will open the dialog shown below.  Select Import and navigate/import the two printer profiles you downloaded earlier.



You will need to repeat the process for each profile.



Once you have the profiles imported you can select them from the control center in the right portion of the Cura window.




Note:  When it comes to print profiles, some of the settings will change depending on the brand and material you are using.  These should be used as a guide, always reference the filament manufacturers recommended temp settings and make changes as necessary.


For a quick guide on the basic use of Cura 2.7 take a look at Ultimaker’s Quick Start Guide below.