Guide: Your First Print

Guide: Your First Print

This will guide you through starting your first print. We will complete the following:

  • Preheat Extruder
  • Load Filament
  • Start Print

Note: All test files provided for you are sliced for PLA

Step 1: Preheat Extruder

Before we begin remember to be cautious while working with the machine when heated, the extruder specifically gets very hot and will burn you immediately if touched


Preheat Method 1

Using the LCD navigate to preheat via the following path. Prepare > Preheat PLA > Preheat PLA

This will preheat both the hot end and the bed to the programmed PLA temps

Preheat Menu









Preheat Method 2

Using the LCD navigate to the following path: Control > Temperature > Nozzle > Scroll to desired temp and press: 195 is a good loading temp for PLA

Heat Nozzle







Step 2: Load Filament

Once the extruder is at temp you may load filament into the extruder.

Be sure not to accedentally touch the heat block – if you heated using method 1 the bed will also be hot

Tip: Many users find it useful to snip the end of the filament into a point prior to loading, this can make it easier to manually feed









After running the filament through the white PTFE guide tube of your printer, load filament by depressing the lever on your extruder with one hand and gently guiding the filament into the top of the extruder with the other.


Tip: if your filament is curled, straighten the end out slightly to help make the process easier.










You will feel a small amount of resistance after passing the filament through the thermal break, with a small amount of force you should feel the filament slowly feed (melt) – you should observe a small ‘noodle’ of plastic extrude from the end of the nozzle.

Wrap up:

At this point your filament is loaded, it’s good practice to not leave your extruder heated while not printing so you should put the printer into cool down mode by doing the following:

Using the LCD navigate to the following path: Prepare > Cooldown

Step 3: Start Print

Now that the machine is loaded with filament we can start our first print.

Using the LCD navigate to the following path: Print From SD > Marvin_PLA.gcode

Once you select this file, the printer will begin to heat.

What to Expect:

Once the printer is heated it will home itself and perform the auto bed level routine (you will see your printer probe several points on the bed). When the bed level routine has completed the print will begin.

Tip: If during heating an unusual amount of filament oozes from the extruder it can be removed using a tweezers or similar tool.

If all goes as planned the result should be your first 3d print, congratulations.

Removing Your Print

Your printer has a PEI surface which helps prints stick to the bed, keep in mind that this surface is very thin. Do not use sharp objects while removing prints, this will damage the PEI surface which will need to be replaced.

Once your print is finished, wait for the bed to fully cool before removing your print, this makes it easier to remove and reduces the chance of damaging the PEI surface.

Small prints can usually be removed by hand without the need for tools, however, for larger prints you may need to use the print removal tool provided or something similar.

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