Guide: Calibrate Z-Offset

Guide: Calibrate Z-Offset

In this guide we will go over the process of calibrating the Z-Offset.

Note:  If you are using firmware version 1.1.5 or earlier you will need to issue some of the commands below over USB, there are notes on these steps.


Step 1: Preheat Bed

Begin by heating the bed to 60c using the LCD menu path: Control/Temperature/Bed

The bed expands when heated so it’s important that we calibrate the Z-Offset while the bed is heated to get the most accurate value.

While the bed is heating, zero out your z-offset value by navigating to the following path using the LCD:  Control/Movement/Z-Offset

Once here, turn the dial until the Z-Offset Value equals 0.00

Step 2: Zero the Print-Head

Before performing this step make sure the crossbeam (gantry is level).  


Note: If the nozzle presses into the bed or the probe is too low check out the guide on Z-Probe Adjustment before moving forward.  

Firmware 1.1.6 or later

Navigate to the Zero Print Head Menu on your LCD using the this path:  Prepare/Zero Print Head

Note:  This will cause your printer to make several movements, when the printer stops you may move on to the next step.  


Firmware 1.1.5 or earlier:

Zeroing the print head via USB (GCODE)

  1. ‘G28’ This homes the machine

  2. ‘G29’ The runs the auto bed level routine

  3. ‘G0 x50 y50’ This moves the print head toward the middle of the bed (alternatively you may use the jog controls of your slicer or the move axis method in the LCD Prepare/Move Axis/etc..

  4. ‘G0 Zo’ This lowers the print head to the zero position.


Step 3: Adjust Height

Place a business card or something similar between the nozzle and the bed, and manually jog the Print-Head so the business card can pass between the bed and nozzle with a small amount of resistance.  Manually jog using the LCD menu path:  Prepare/Move Axis/Move Z/Move 0.1mm


Step 4: Set Z-Offset

Navigate to the main screen on your LCD and take note of the current Z-Position.

In this case the Z-Position is -0.29

Navigate to the Z-Offset menu item using the following path:  Control/Menu/Z-Offset

Set the Z-Offset to the Z-Position value you recorded from the main screen

Store the new Z-Offset by navigating to the path:  Control/Store Settings  

You will hear a “beep” when the value is stored

Step 5:  Verify

To verify your new Z-Offset repeat steps 2-4…

If you have a new adjustment value simply add it to your existing offset.

For example, if your original offset is -0.23 and the results from your second pass are -.015 your new offset value will be -0.38.

When you are happy with your offset, verify it with by completing a test print.  If you find that the machine is printing too high or too low you may adjust this by changing the Z-Offset value in small increments.

Remember to Store Settings each time you make this adjustment to save them.