Guide: Calibrate Z-Offset

Guide: Calibrate Z-Offset In this guide we will go over the process of calibrating the Z-Offset. Note:  If you are using firmware version 1.1.5 or earlier you will need to issue some of the commands below over USB, there are notes on these steps.   Step 1: Preheat Bed Begin […]

Guide: Z Probe Adjustment

Guide: Z Probe Adjustment In this guide we will go over the steps needed to attach or adjust the Z-Probe on the Odin MK1M 3d printer. Note: Although this guide is intended to be used for the MK1M model, the steps are similar for other Odin models as well as […]

Guide: Setting up Cura

Setting up Cura for your Odin MK1M Intro In this guide we will go over the process of downloading and configuring Cura for your Odin MK1M.  Although Cura does not currently ship with a profile for the Odin Mk1M it is a simple process to add the machine profile after […]

Guide: Your First Print

Guide: Your First Print This will guide you through starting your first print. We will complete the following: Preheat Extruder Load Filament Start Print Note: All test files provided for you are sliced for PLA Step 1: Preheat Extruder Before we begin remember to be cautious while working with the […]